Bobtickle Illusion Interactive Collaborative Communal Chillout Music Performance

Bobtickle Illusion

communal collaborative interactive chill
from Psydeshow Bob & Miss Tickle

Psydeshow Bob interviewing at Newfoundland Miss Tickle at CLUD4 BobTickle Illusion at Newfoundland
Psydeshow Bob
interviewing bystanders
Miss Tickle on the decks
at CLUD 4
Bobtickle illusion
at Newfoundland 2009

Bobtickle Illusion is a collaborative, spontaneous, interactive chillout project brought to you by Psydeshow Bob (Ableton samplist) and Miss Tickle (DJ, singer and producer of floaty, tribal grooves). Both promoters of grassroots South Wales psy party Cardiff Luminous Underground Disco, they have helped to capture the atmosphere of their own and several other events over the 2008/2009 season.

Bobtickle Illusion sets reflect the ambience of the performance space in a unique manner. Each set is as unpredictable and cheeky as it is soft and dreamy, as the crucial audio material is recorded during the set itself from the audience - often much to the surprise of the new-found vocalists! Initially blending in the thoughts of the crowd on dancing, music, learning, love, life and kangaroos through surreally deep delay effects, Psydeshow Bob has progressed to manipulating the original material in increasingly unexpected ways, all the while more than happy to leave selection of the accompanying music to Miss Tickle (who, he maintains, has far better taste than himself :-)

Past gigs...

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