(Crispin's Music Site's Rather Random Material Page)

If you have come straight to this page from a search engine, I really think you should go here instead. Honest. The music is better!

If on the other hand you have clicked on the link from my main music page, this is probably what you're looking for.

This is a collection of less polished songs, odd ideas, etc...
...I suggest listening to the songs on my main page before these!

Wandering Mind (MP3) funk tries to be psytrance
Mag-Pi (MP3) drum & bass - with 1990-style drum samples recorded around York
Hi-Hat Heaven (MP3) slightly cheesy
3D Computer Games Kill Your Imagination (MP3) 1980s-BBC-game inspired music, very cheesy!
Machinations (MP3) wandering mind was made from this
Memento (MP3) kind of dark/nasty/colourful, er, strange
Demonic Mutated Seashell (MP3) also quite "experimental" and hardcore

...and some much much older real-time mixes:
Demo1 (MP3) all quite harmonious house/trance
Demo2 (MP3) chilled african drumming, psytrance and hiphop
Demo4 (MP3) incorporates uberczar and some stuff from demo1/demo2